Political Profile

Most people think of political profiles in terms of parties. Yes, it’s true that if you’re going to vote, financially support or work for a candidate, you’re going to be involved with some party or other. It is far more interesting, however, to look at political values to find out where someone is coming from. (It might — if we’re really lucky — get us past simple, one dimensional thinking like “oh, god, he’s conservative” or “how could he be so stupid as to be a liberal” or “crikey, a dipper?” or the like.

This analysis comes from openpolitics.ca. You can determine your own assessment there.

Highest ranking dimension: Individualist

Bruce believes in the right of an individual to “be him/her self” in thought and deeds. He does feel that what the country really needs is a politician with the nerve to tell people when it comes to controlling others, they should mind their own business. This may be because he enjoys a diversity of experiences and doesn’t get offended easily. It may also be because he’s seen people be persecuted. Others may disagree with him because they feel a right to protect what they see as community values. When politicians of Bruce’s type make mistakes it is often because they underestimate people’s need for stability and safety.

Second highest ranking dimension: Democratic

Bruce believes in the principles of democracy – that too much control by too few is a dangerous proposition. He feels that what the country really needs is to open the corridors of power and let more “real people” inside. This may be because Bruce have seen people treated unfairly, seen self-interest take over people’s judgement and wish that political leaders would lead by following the people’s wishes. It may also be because he sees that the people who tend to get elected don’t represent the diversity of viewpoints and cultures that exist in the population. Others may disagree with Bruce because they are impatient to see politicians “do something”, and possibly because they are less inclined to do their own thinking about the issues. When politicians of Bruce’s type make mistakes it is often because in an attempt to please everybody, they please nobody.

Combined statement:

Based on Bruce’s answers, the ideal state, in your opinion, is one where people are free to be themselves.

You can see the graphical representation here.

What’s interesting as far as I’m concerned with this is that I also have a very strong sense of stewardship, a bond between the past, the present and the future, which should show up as community values (although not necessarily “what others want”).


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