Six Unimportant Things

One of my blogging confrères & favourite authors, Raphael Alexander, started spreading around a meme where he would tag other bloggers, requesting they post six unimportant things about themselves.

One of his recipients of this geas was another favourite author of mine, Patrick Ross, who has, in turn, sent me on the quest. So, here we go: 

I have moved progressively “leftward”, which is why I am so conservative: Left and right are meaningless. The most natural linkage in our politics is blue (Tory) and green (Green). This, of course, sends everyone in fits of ragelaughter, but it’s the sort of paradox I thrive on. Besides, Liberals are anything but liberal: they believe whole-heartedly in group privileges.

I’ll read anything: Not only have I purchased almost 100,000 books in my lifetime, I have been known to pick up newspapers anywhere in the world I am and try to puzzle out the stories. But the real proof of the pudding comes online, where I have to check into Twitter every 30 minutes or so to keep up with all the tweets, have over 250 blogs in my RSS reader, and a long bookmark list of websites that are subscription-based or otherwise don’t just provide a feed.

I am a very lazy person, which is why I work hard: I do work hard, running my own company and all, but actually most weeks if I put in 20-25 hours I’ve got everything done. That’s because I try to work smart. That email inbox is kept empty (helps make the new ones stick out), and I write everything mentally meaning it just needs transcription. (Hey, if it worked for Mozart it might work for me, too.) My failing is that anytime there’s a tax form lying around I put it off, something to do with not wanting to be in the government paperwork or tax collection business.

I love campuses but would not much like being on one: I’ve been an adjunct professor (at the graduate level) three times now, in three different faculties and at two different universities, and frankly I’m just not interested in putting up with campus life, although I loved going to class, and still like being around a university.

The one sport I’d have season tickets for isn’t prominent where I live: I used to share season’s tickets at the SkyDome with a (now deceased) friend of mine but, of course, Vancouver only has a Single A club. Quite watchable, but not the same thing as MLB. Fortunately a Little League game is equally entertaining. As for the rest of the sports available, none of them awaken me from my dogmatic slumber.

I am very easy-going; I have an opinion for every occasion: Clients tell me that I make outrageous claims, but they take them semi-seriously and get the underlying point. Yet there are few places where, if someone wants to disagree, I’m going to go to the mat for a point. I take great pride in watching the world work out the way I think it will. Oddly enough, I’m a better pessimist, so the last year has been “my kind of time”.

I just don’t know yet who to tag with this, so I’ll post what I’ve got and think about it some more. Every decision has its time.

2 responses to “Six Unimportant Things

  1. Interesting. I concur with the first opinion, and if anything I think our political spectrum is circular, if not a “Figure 8”. In order of political parties I would support:

    1. Conservative
    2. Green
    3. NDP
    4. Liberal

    The 100,000 books thing is incredible. I own perhaps a few hundred and that irritates me whenever I must move. Books are heavy. I do not read like I did in my twenties. Now I read the internet and, sadly, have fallen away from educating myself with books. I, too, have many blogs in my RSS feeds, but none as close as 250.

    I used to love baseball as well, but the 1994 lockout reminded me of the worst of human greed and I stopped caring. That goes for hockey, too.

    Well, I now have a new blog to add to my RSS feed.

  2. Heh! One of your favourite authors! You flatter me, Bruce. Thank you.

    That aside, I personally subscribe to the Michael Adams model of mapping political values two-dimensionally.

    Although, it seems to me that a third dimension is order, although just imagine getting that to appear on paper!

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